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DISCOVER the power of renewable energy TODAY!

“ Harvesting solar energy from untapped areas, and making society to know about customer’s environmental awareness and investments through high quality and efficient solar installations”

The best day to conserve energy is today!


PuREnergy is part of IIT - Hyderabad Technology Incubation Centre (Sponsored by Govt of India), which has taken the plunge to design and implement innovative solar energy solutions to industrial, commercial and residential users

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PuREnergy includes many
features for the customers.

Customised Solutions

We will scan the existing energy solutions & identify appropriate products. Our concepts will achieve 30 to 97% of land saving compared to the equivalent traditional solar mounting structures.

Reliable and Quality Procedures

We implement system integration procedures with international standards by employing highly trained manpower.

Maximizing Yield and ROI

Our products include high quality modules, highly efficient transformerless/smart inverters, and efficient system integration methods to optimize the cost. Thus we increase the system efficiency resulting in better energy savings.

Low OPEx

We firmly believe in "prevention is better than curing" principle in our installation endaevours, which offers maintainence free experience.

  • PuREnergy has taken the plunge to design and implement innovative renewable energy solutions to industrial, institutional and residential users, towards creating 24x7 energy independent smart systems.

    Director, IIT-H
  • PuRE team has designed and quickly executed 2 MW project at our plant with state-of-the art systems, and will be installing multi MW systems for our pharma units located across south India

    NATCO Pharma Ltd, Hyderabad
  • 20 KW System at my hospital is yielding monthly savings of 35,000 in electricity bill. The system is performing beyond our initial expectations, we are extremely satisfied with team PuREnergy

    Tesla Diagnostics, Hyderabad
  • I am not spending money anymore on diesel generators and my monthly electricity bill has come down by more than 70%.

    Sekhar, IOCL Outlet, Chandrugonda, Khammam
  • Two solar trees have added great aesthetic value to the lawn in my house and powering 2 HP pump, common lights, 90% load in my house and exporting additional energy units to the grid.

    P V. Rao, House Owner, Thumukunta, Hyderabad