Initial Problem 

A novel idea inspired from nature itself: - A tree like structure which can harness solar energy, provide beautification to the landscape/premises and package multiple customer needs. The concept will achieve 94 to 97% of land saving compared to the equivalent traditional solar mounting systems. These Solar Trees would be a unique aesthetic solution to many organizations those who want to showcase their awareness about the environment and investment in renewable energy.

Our Solution

We have been successful in solving the following problems
• Land crunch for renewable energy in urban scenario
• Harvesting solar energy in untapped areas
• Presenting durable and hybrid systems
• Utilizing the unused solar potential to minimize the nations current energy deficit
• To power the future mobility of the country (electric vehicle charging network)

Amazing Result

"Two solar trees have added great aesthetic value to the lawn in my house and powering 2 HP pump, common lights, 90% load in my house and exporting additional energy units to the grid."
P V. Rao, House Owner, Thumukunta, Hyderabad

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