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Aesthetic Solar Structures
  • Nature Inspired
  • Aesthetically Appealing
  • 97% Ground Space Saving
Mega Watt Scale Projects
  • 650 Ton Carbon Savings/MW
  • Energy Independence
  • Long Term Secure Investment
Roof-Top Solutions
  • Huge Savings in Electricity Bill
  • 100% Tax Benifits
  • Quick and Higher RoI
Agricultural Pumps
  • Irrigation in Summer and Drought Conditions
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply in the Day
  • Increase in Crop Yield
Design & Consultancy
  • DPR preparation including financial and ROI calculations
  • Technical analysis of each sub-system
  • Health checkup of existing solar plants
Skill Development Programs
  • AutoCAD, Solidworks and StaadPro
  • PvSyst and Google Sketch up
  • Hands-on exposure to key mechanical and electrical systems

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